Our stories reverberate through sound. Our voices, our songs, even the sounds outside our windows help define who we are. Chinatown Beats is an experimental project that explores the ways stakeholders in the Chinatown North community in Philadelphia define place and self through sound. Chinatown Beats aims to transform everyday sounds into narratives that map out a sonic culture within Chinatown North. Try using the Chinatown Beats Audio Sequencer to create your own piece using sounds collected by Chinatown North community members.

This project was produced by Rachel Ishikawa as a part of Asian Arts Initiative's Social Practice Lab Residency 2016 - 2017. Special thanks to the Youth Arts Workshop, Ada Adhiyatma, Nicholas Anselmini, Dave Kyu, Jino Lee, George Moy Sunday Breakfast Mission, and the entire Asian Arts Initiative team.

Chinatown Beats is created as part of People:Power:Place, a cultural plan for Chinatown North/Callowhill, and the Social Practice Lab, programs of Asian Arts Initiative, www.asianartsinitiative.org